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South Perth Hospital Endoscopy Unit
South Perth Hospital’s Endoscopy Unit comprises a procedure room, four bed recovery room, patient discharge lounge and a fully equipped consulting suite. The Endoscopy Unit is open Monday to Friday and provides an open access endoscopy service allowing patients timely access to procedures including gastroscopy and colonoscopy. All patients require a referral from their General Practitioner prior to booking their procedure.
To make a booking, please contact the South Perth Hospital Endoscopy Unit on (08) 9368 2333. Referrals can be made to the following Gastroenterologists:
Professor George Garas, Dr Briohny Smith and Dr Sam Galhenage
South Perth Hospital Endoscopy Unit
Tel:  (08) 9368 2333
Fax: (08) 9368 2300
South Perth Hospital Endoscopy Referral Form

Information for Patients
The South Perth Hospital Endoscopy Unit can be accessed via Fortune Street and ample free parking is located in Fortune and Burch Streets. When you arrive at the hospital please proceed directly to the Endoscopy Unit. Patients are admitted in order of the procedure list.
When you arrive at the Endoscopy Unit you will be asked to complete some paperwork and then will be admitted by a nurse who will review your medical history, record your vital signs, answer any questions you may have and prepare you for your procedure. Please wear loose, two piece clothing to hospital as you may stay in your own clothing for your procedure. Please do not wear any jewellery on the day of your procedure and ensure valuables are left at home.
If you are having a gastroscopy or colonoscopy, it is highly likely that you will receive a form of sedation. After receiving sedation you will require a responsible adult to escort you home and stay with you overnight. You can expect to stay in the unit for around three to four hours.
Information on gastroscopy and colonoscopy procedures are outlined in the ‘Understanding Your Procedure’ brochure which can be downloaded here.

Understanding Your Procedure

Upon booking your procedure you will be sent instructions on any preparation you will need to complete including when to commence fasting. You will also be sent pre-admission paperwork which is to be completed and returned to the hospital prior to your procedure.
When you wake up from your procedure, have tolerated light refreshments and your vital signs are within acceptable limits, you are ready for discharge. You will be provided with a procedure report on the day which will also be sent to your referring GP. If any biopsies or specimens are taken during the procedure your results will be sent directly to your GP. Written post-discharge instructions are also provided.
Please contact South Perth Hospital Endoscopy Unit on (08) 9368 2333 if you have any queries or concerns.

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