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Guide for day Patients


The Pre-Admission form must be received by South Perth Hospital at least 2 working days prior to your admission.


 Please download Pre Admission Form


The form can be:

Posted: PO Box 726, Como WA 6952


Faxed: (08) 9474 2541


Please ensure the forms are completed and signed. On receipt of your completed Pre-Admission Form, the hospital will verify your level of private health fund cover. It is advisable for you to also contact your health fund to confirm your level of cover. To obtain a cost estimate, please contact Patient Accounts on (08) 9367 0298 during office hours


Day of Admission

Please follow all pre-operative instructions given by your doctor carefully.  Failure to do so may result in your procedure being delayed or cancelled.  Check with your doctor if you should take your regular medication on the morning of the operation/procedure. Please shower and remove all jewellery, make up and nail polish prior to admission.  You will not require personal sleeping attire. Please limit cash and personal belongings to essentials as we cannot accept responsibility for loss of valuables.


Support person/Visitors

There are limited visitor facilities in the Canning Day Procedure Unit.  If you are over the age of 18 years, one support person may accompany you to the admission area.  As you may be in the day procedure unit for 3 hours or more, it is advisable that your support person does not remain at the hospital but return at the time nominated by staff as your discharge time.  With the exception of a parent carer for those under 18 years, visitors are not permitted into the peri operative area.  Child minding facilities are not available.  Parents of children undergoing a procedure should ensure siblings are cared for away from the hospital environment.

Day procedure patients will remain in hospital for between 3-6 hours depending on the procedure.


Further information for day patients

Click here to download a copy of the “South Perth Hospital Pre admission Information” brochure

Click here to download a copy of “Understanding your Procedure” brochure

Click here to download a copy of “So your Child is going to Hospital” information for parents


Going Home

On discharge you will receive instructions specific to your procedure from nursing staff. Depending on your procedure you may receive a post operative discharge information sheet, please follow the instructions carefully. Please do not hesitate to ask your nurse should you have any questions regarding your specific care. (eg. wound care, exercise, diet)



Information regarding discharge medication will be provided by the nursing staff.  Discharge medications are provided by the Community Pharmacy (link to this please) and not South Perth Hospital.  Please settle this account at your earliest convenience following discharge.


Effects of Anaesthetic Agents

Because of the after effects of anaesthetic agents, 24 hours is required for a full recovery.


We advise during this time you should not:

  • Drive a car. Ensure that you have arranged for a responsible adult to drive or accompany you home.
  • Remain on your own; you must have a responsible adult stay with you for 24 hours.
  • Drink alcohol
  • Operate machinery
  • Make important decisions
  • Sign legal documents
  • Travel unaccompanied
  • Engage in sports, heavy work or lifting
  • Take sedatives unless prescribed


Common after effects of an operation

Depending on the type of procedure you have had, you may experience one or more of the following:

  • Pain: If you experience pain or discomfort, take the medication recommended, or prescribed.  If pain persists, contact your doctor.
  • Tiredness:It is normal to feel tired and unable to concentrate for a day or two after your anaesthetic.
  • Sore Throat: This may occur in the first few hours after your anaesthetic. If so, try sips of fluid first, gradually increasing to light food.
  • Nausea:  If you have persistent nausea or vomiting contact your doctor.



The South Perth Hospital infection prevention and control program supports safe practice and a safe environment for its staff, patients and visitors.


The program utilises a risk management approach and is based on best practice guidelines.


Regular auditing of health care workers hand hygiene practices are undertaken as part of the National Hand Hygiene initiative and results submitted to Hand Hygiene Australia.  Hand Hygiene Stations are located around the hospital for visitors use


South Perth Hospital is a Smoke Free environment. If you feel that you will require nicotine replacement therapy during your stay with us, please discuss this with your doctor, local GP or pharmacy prior to admission.


For Further information, contact us.


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